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Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2017

Meeting was held at Library! at Collister, 4724 W. State Street, Boise.


Present: See sign-in sheet.


The meeting began at 7:02pm.


Welcome and Announcements

CNA President Julie Klocke welcomed meeting participants. This meeting is the rescheduled annual meeting that was postponed from January. An individual from the Office of Police Oversight was due to speak, but was not in attendance.


Election of Officers

Slate of officer candidates: Julie Klocke, President, Barney Skogerson, Vice President, Janet French, Treasurer, and Suzanne Stone, Secretary.

Motion to approve made by Leslie Felton-Jue and seconded by Julie Klocke; motion passed.


Neighborhood Picnic

The scheduled date of the neighborhood picnic is Thursday, June 8. The Wheelin’ Sporstman members are willing to tend the grill, but may need some help. Barney Skogerson will notify Julie Klocke if he needs additional people.


Boise School Bond

Information was made available regarding the upcoming bond request from the Boise School District. Collister Elementary is one of the schools listed for remodeling.  Additional information is available on the school district’s website.


Other Topics

Earlier in the evening the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) held an open house to get resident input about possible treatments for the intersection at Pierce Park and State Street.


Due to the unprecedented snowfall, the lack of cleared sidewalks was an issue throughout the neighborhood. Mentioned as helpful opportunities were websites and Shovel Up Boise, and for neighbors to help out those on their block needing assistance.


There are two different groups working with neighborhood associations on different issues. One is Energize Our Neighborhoods from Boise City. The other is neighborhood association representatives meeting together with the non-profit The Boise Commons.


Treasurer Report

Treasurer Janet French reported a current balance of $1,157.44 in the association bank account.


Next CNA meeting is to be announced.


The meeting adjourned at 7:54pm.


Minutes submitted by Leslie Felton-Jue, Secretary.