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Meeting Minutes
November 29, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (2).

The meeting began at 7:05pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

Neighborhood Grant Updates
Sidewalks for Catalpa are being funded through an ACHD Community Program grant, and is currently number four on the priority list. Sidewalks for the north side of Taft Street are at number eight on the list. Please think of other projects that might be funded through this grant program.

Briar Hills Homeowners Association submitted a grant proposal to the Mayor's Neighborhood Reinvestment Program without sending it through CNA. The City will review proposals in December.

Additional Announcements
Boise City Council members and ACHD commissioners met for a joint work session recently and discussed the 36th Street extension. This project is related to the roundabout scheduled for the intersection of 36th/Catalpa/Hill Road. Budgets will be finished at the end of December.

The design review meeting for the Flora property (corner of Catalpa and 36th) is scheduled for December 14.

A letter that is being sent from CNA to Valley Regional Transit was read.

A meeting including the discussion of a proposed development of 14,000 homes on Highway 55 will be held at the Ada County Courthouse on December 14.

Collister Neighborhood Plan
Committee Chair Ed Keener provided introductory information about the plan including information gained from a survey by BSU students several years ago. Boise City Neighborhood Planner Lance Evans discussed the purpose of a neighborhood plan. Land uses are part of the Boise City Comprehensive Plan. A neighborhood plan should review threats and seek opportunities.

Julie Klocke discussed the public utilities, facilities and services portion of the plan. The three completed sections of the plan need to be changed to Boise City formatting. Joan Wallace discussed the parks, recreation, and cultural resources section of the plan.

Ed then spoke about the transportation section of the plan. The Traffic Committee will review this section in January. Julie addressed issues related to community quality including diversity of age and socioeconomic background. Joan then talked about land use.

Ideas to disseminate the plan for review by neighborhood residents:
Small groups w/committee members to answer questions (signups circulated in meeting for meeting attendance and hosting)
The City will not accept "shall" in the plan document, but uses "should" instead.
To contact Ed, send him an e-mail at edmakeener@cableone.net or call 429-0266.

ACHD will have a meeting to review the Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan on December 7 at 7:30pm.

Next CNA meeting is Wednesday, January 25 at 7:00pm.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23pm.

Meeting Minutes
October 26, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (2).

The meeting began at 7:06pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

Neighborhood Grant Updates
Becky Bunderson reported that they have an initial design for the beautification project grant for Collister Elementary.

Larry Staack reports that he has some estimates on amenities for Owens Park. The size of the park is 2/3 acre. The cost of a 24" x 24" sign would be $500. For a unisex bathroom they would need to know the location to get an estimate for sewer/water. A 10-person picnic shelter would be $25,000. Cleanup of the park is estimated at $1,500. Playground signs would be free. The consensus items for the residents are a sign, pressurized irrigation, and cleanup.

Motion/Second/Passed (Ed Keener/Cheryl Robison/9-0) - Encourage the committee to submit an application for the grant program for the consensus items.

Dr. Christine Olson received an estimate for new playground equipment for Collister Elementary of $12,000 to $15,000.

Motion/Second/Passed (Ed Keener/Brenda Fralish/12-0) - Submit a grant request proposal for new playground equipment at Collister Elementary.

The grant request for the second part of the beautification project of Collister Elementary will be submitted for $16,000.

Any incoming grant request proposals need to be given to Fonny by November 10. The deadline for the program is November 18.

Additional Announcements
The Collister Ready Buddy Program needs volunteers. Can you spend at least 30 minutes a week to listen to children read at Collister Elementary? Contact Laurie Anderson, Collister Volunteer Coordinator at 336-8539 (home) or 338-3436 (school) or send an e-mail to laurieband@yahoo.com if you would like to participate.

John Wasson, Assistant Traffic Engineer, ACHD Traffic Services
John discussed the criteria, process, and alternatives for traffic calming including rubber humps, chicanes, and traffic circles. The traffic-calming program is for local and collector streets with a speed limit of 35mph or less and 5,000 or fewer vehicles. The petition process for traffic calming measures requires signatures from at least 75% of residents on the street. Speed, volume, and cut-through traffic (from collector to collector) are the elements of a traffic study. If neither speed nor volume requirements (100 vehicles/hour) are met, a cut-through study will not be performed. If either speed or volume is a problem, but cut-through traffic is not, calming measures can be installed at neighborhood expense. If all three criteria are issues, calming measures can be put in place at no expense to the neighborhood.

Megan Kershner, Boise City Public Works

Recycle the Fall: Leaf collection runs from November 7 through December 2. Use cardboard boxes, paper bags, or clean uncovered garbage cans. Do not use plastic bags or leaves will be taken to the landfill with regular solid waste. You can also take leaves to the landfill on Seaman's Gulch until December 10 for free (say "leaves" at the gate) or to the transfer station near the Humane Society from December 3 to 18.

Remember to use blue bins for recycling to receive credit on your solid waste bill. Residential trash rates are increasing from $7.95 to $9.67, but are $11.67 if you don't use the blue bin for recycling. This increase is due to an increase in landfill rates.

Hazardous wastes can be taken to various locations in Ada County, and can be dropped off for free at the landfill on Friday and Saturday.

There is a "homebound" service available for people with mobility or visual impairments.

Ed Keener, CNA Neighborhood Plan Committee Chair

Next month the general visions and concept of the Neighborhood Plan will be presented. A big turnout is needed at the meeting. People are also needed to be hosts at locations to present the plan to small groups throughout the neighborhood. Narratives for descriptions and history parts for the plan are also needed. Please remind your friends and neighbors to come to this important meeting.

Next CNA meeting is Wednesday, November 30 at 7:00pm.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.

Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (3).

The meeting began at 7:00pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

Neighborhood Grant Updates
The bridge from Holly Hill to Elmer was completed, but ACHD needs to address certain issues with the asphalt to the cement bridge. The request for sidewalks on the north side of Taft will be resubmitted. One participant suggested a path to the park Castle Hills Park.

Property Tax Reform Forum
State Senator David Langhorst would like input from neighbors about property tax reform. He will hold a forum for District 16 residents on Tuesday, October 18, from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the ACHD Auditorium on the corner of 37th and Adams in Garden City. You may also e-mail comments to him at dlanghorst@cableone.net.

Terteling Property
Architect Bruce Poe and Conger Management representative Scott Beecham were in attendance. A request will be made for an exemption to the height requirement for an architectural feature. The feature is a cupola on top of the garden retail space to be used for passive ventilation and light. The diameter is approximately 12 feet.

Also, they will be submitting an application to the Northwest Boise Sewer District for sewer services. Water service will be provided by hookup to regular city water. A bus pullout is required. ValleyRide requested the pullout to be located on Catalpa.

Motion/Second/Passed (Ed Keener/Kay Smith/19-0) - Endorse height exception request as proposed.

Owens Park
A committee of 39th Street residents chaired by Larry Staack met regarding possible amenities that might be added to the park through the Boise City Neighborhood Reinvestment Program. Items discussed included renaming the park to the Owens Nature Park and adding a sign, covered irrigation ditches, restrooms, cement bumpers to designate parking, and a shelter. Items will be discussed with other residents on the street, and a recommendation will be brought to the next CNA meeting for a grant request.

Valley Regional Transit
Stephen Hunt, Norma Abrego, and Mike Priest presented information about the new bus route and proposed bus stops. The new bus route will take effect October 1, but the fixed bus stops will not be in place until the spring of 2006. The route that currently runs west on John's Landing to Ellen's Ferry will be deleted. Instead the bus will continue north on Collister and then head west on Castle Hills to Pierce Park.

Participants asked questions about why the route was changed through Collister Neighborhood and the impact to riders, especially those from Northgate Senior Village and those with disabilities currently served along John's Landing and Ellen's Ferry. Several questions were asked related to high school students using the bus system to get to Capital High School. There are three school buses currently picking up children, but only two ValleyRide buses that will serve students during the morning hours. Neighbors pointed out safety issues such as lack of lighting and sidewalks and inaccessibility of proposed bus stops.

Other items discussed included local option taxation, park 'n rides, and the proposed bus shelter at Collister Shopping Center.

State Senator David Langhorst
Senator Langhorst reminded neighbors about the property tax reform forum on Tuesday, October 18, from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The forum will be held at the ACHD Auditorium on the corner of 37th and Adams in Garden City.

Other issues being discussed at committee level are circuit breaker not keeping up with changes, option taxes, and impact fees. You may e-mail comments to him at dlanghorst@cableone.net.

Next CNA meeting is Wednesday, October 26 at 7:00pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:58pm.

Meeting Minutes
August 31, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (2).

The meeting began at 7:00pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

A meeting with Boise Mayor Dave Bieter will take place at Hillside Junior High on December 1. No details are available at this time. A draft of the long-term facilities plan may be found at http://www.boiseschools.org/board/meeting/archive/2005_06_13/facilities.pdf.

Floyd Brown of Collister United Methodist Church stated that surveys will be distributed within the neighborhood to find out what needs the church can help serve.

Barbara Brown of Hillside Academy (formerly Boise Bears Child Care Center) distributed information regarding the non-profit that serves kids in kindergarten through third grade. The student-teacher ratio is 6 to 1. For more information about the academy located at 3900 Hill Road, contact Barbara at 343-8919 or visit the web site at www.hillsideacademyinc.com.

Neighborhood Plan Committee
Ed Keener reports that the committee has been meeting monthly with consultant John Bertram. A draft of the neighborhood plan should be available for review by November.

Julie Klocke reports that there is $389 in the CNA bank account.

Terteling Property
The Boise City Council will review the proposal for the rezone of a portion of the property at the corner of N 36th Street and Catalpa from R-1C residential to C-1D/DA (Neighborhood Commercial with Design Review with a Development Agreement). The commercial portion will include a retail garden center with a deli and other retail. One of the items requested by CNA was a bus pullout that has been okayed by Planning and Zoning. Other items in the plan are for 15 residences of two different types and ten live/work units. Setbacks will be 15 feet instead of 20. There will be additional public process later at the design review stage.

Garnette Monnie, Edward's Greenhouses
Garnette distributed invitations to the reception for the demonstration garden dedication on Friday, September 16 and the 75th Anniversary events on Saturday, September 17. For additional information call 342-7548.

36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa Intersection
Fonny has spoke with Karen Gallagher from Boise City, Commissioner John Franden and Ross Oyen from ACHD. The search for designer(s) for the modern roundabout design will begin in October. The city TIPS recommendations include the connection of N 36th to Cartwright Road. Some neighborhood groups are opposed to the connection and/or the connection of Cartwright to Bogus Basin Road.

ACHD Community Program Grants
The request for curb, gutter and sidewalk on the north side of Catalpa has been resubmitted.

Infill Ordinance Task Force
Julie Klocke has been serving our neighborhood on the Infill Ordinance Task Force begun by State Representative Elliot Werk. She would like to find out the concerns of people living in Collister Neighborhood related to infill issues.

Owens Park
Last week Fonny attended a picnic at Owens Park with neighbors from N 39th Street. Land for the park was donated in trust by the Owens family. Various people have shown interest in having additional facilities on this strip of land through a grant from the Mayor's City Reinvestment Program.

Jay Gibbons, Park Development Coordinator from Boise City Parks & Recreation Department stated that current amenities are a few picnic tables and a trash can. Currently two of the neighbors are irrigating the land, and the City mows the grass. There is a gravel pullout for parking.

Land owned across the street by Ed Keener will eventually be developed as additional open space with a nature walk trail. He said a sign labeling Owens Park and a restroom would be welcome amenities.

Motion/Second/Passed (Larry Staack/Gary Kincaid/28-0) - A committee of residents from N 39th Street will meet and bring back ideas at the next CNA meeting.

Property Tax Reform Forum
State Senator David Langhorst would like input from neighbors about property tax reform. He will hold a forum for District 16 residents on Tuesday, October 4, 6:00-8:00pm at the ACHD Auditorium on the corner of 37th and Adams in Garden City. You may also e-mail comments to him at dlanghorst@cableone.net.

Next CNA meeting is Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.

Meeting Minutes
May 25, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (2).

The meeting began at 7:10pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

A brief description was given regarding the hearing about the Terteling property scheduled for June 13.

Laurie Anderson discussed the upcoming neighborhood picnic. June 25 was selected as the date. The Garner family will be cooking burgers and hot dogs. People can bring side dishes and desserts. CNA mugs will be for sale during the event. Volunteers are needed to help with distribution of flyers. There will be entertainment in the park. Publicity will be through The Idaho Statesman and advertising during the Sycamore Stroll.

Laurie will be speaking with Lance Evans from Boise City about the grant for the school beautification project at Collister Elementary. Also, a patron spot is available on the Parent Community Advisory Council.

Fonny said that the modern roundabout concept for the N 36th Street/Catalpa/Hill Road intersection has been approved.

CNA will not be meeting during the summer unless items come up.

June 18 is the Sycamore Stroll.

Please submit ideas for Boise City Neighborhood Reinvestment Program and ACHD Community Program grants to CNA officers as soon as possible.

Deanna Smith, Idaho Smart Growth
Idaho Smart Growth is trying to increase local funding and looking for neighborhoods to be partners through the Community Affiliate Program. Services the organization provides include consultants for growth and development issues, ideas to maintain healthy neighborhoods, and a thoughtful look at issues involving growth especially through the development of scorecards.

Ed Keener, CNA Represtentative
Ed was appointed by the mayor to the ACHD Neighborhood Advisory Committee. He is the liaison for the neighborhood to ACHD. The committee meets every other month. You can contact members through the ACHD Public Information Office at 387-6108 or via e-mail at neighbors@achd.ada.id.us

Mike Garner, Boise City Code Enforcement
Neighbors are encouraged to speak with their neighbors first before lodging a complaint. Most calls received by Code Enforcement happened in the spring. In one year they receive 500 to 600 calls for issues from the north end to Gary Lane. Currently there are only five officers to respond to the calls. A prosecuting attorney has been assigned for code issues. Punishment can be fines ranging between $300 and $1,000 and/or six months in jail. Complaints may be submitted online at http://pdsonline.cityofboise.org/pdsonline/CodeForm.aspx.

Anonymity can be maintained while a case is open, but someone can then make a request via the Freedom of Information Act to find out the person who lodged the complaint. Only about ten percent of people do this. Anonymity may be maintained in cases that pose a direct threat.

Houses where methamphetamine is produced tend to be owned or rented houses that appear unkempt to keep folks at bay. The Broken Window Theory is that if a broken window in a building is not fixed right away, more will happen. This can work its way through the neighborhood quickly.

Recreational vehicle parking must be on concrete or asphalt, not on unimproved land. There is a 24-hour requirement for snow removal from sidewalks.

Jeff Huber, Leasure Development
Larry and Eileen Leasure have planned the Deer Valley development on the east side of Pierce Park north of Hill Road. Originally the development was to have been for 62 homes. Currently the request is for 17 homes on 5-acre lots. There is a riparian zone and year-round creek. The average home site price will be $250,000. Homes will be around 3,000 square feet. They have put a restriction in the deed/covenants to not allow subdividing; however the current zoning of A-Open allows one house per acre. Dark sky/down lighting will be used for outdoor lighting to limit light pollution. They will bring up water for hydrants. Homes will use septic systems.

They are requesting a variance for a driveway length that will be discussed at the June 6 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. They are proposing a common driveway only 20 feet wide. Because of this, they are requesting a variance because a length of more than 150 is needed.

Garnette Monnie, Edward’s Greenhouse
They will be moving greenhouses on the property. They want to use the three-acre field for flat filling and a dirt machine. A five-year plan will be completed in phases to add more greenhouses. There is a greenbelt pathway along the backside of the school. They want to leave the large trees and open area for wildlife.

Next CNA meeting is unknown at this time.

The meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

Meeting Minutes
April 20, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (5).

The meeting began at 6:03pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

Ed Keener from the Neighborhood Plan Committee reports that a contract has been signed with consultant John Bertram to work on the plan. Also, Ed has been appointed by the mayor to the ACHD Neighborhood Advisory Committee. This is a group of citizen volunteers to work on neighborhood transportation issues.

Senator David Langhorst will be at the Collister United Methodist Church on April 26 at 7:00pm to report on the legislative session.

Laurie Anderson is heading up the committee working on the summer neighborhood party. If you want to volunteer, please call 336-8539.

The Collister United Methodist Church is having its Spring Fling on May 7 from 9:00am to 2:30pm.

Kathe Alters reports that money received through the 2003 Boise City Neighborhood Reinvestment Program will be used for a bus shelter at Collister Shopping Center. ValleyRide will match the $5,000 for building the shelter, plus another $2,500 from the grant program will be used for personalization by an artist. Locations are still being considered.

Mark Hayes, Briar Hills Trailhead
The Briarhill homeowners association met in February to discuss the proposed trailhead at the end of Collister. Mark has met with Paul Woods from Boise Parks and Recreation Department, ACHD, Planning and Zoning, and the Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee to discuss traffic and development issues. Collister is considered a residential collector north of Hill Road. The Briarhill 2 and 3 HOAs will support developing the proposed trailhead. A committee will be formed.

Fonny Davidson, CNA, and Ross Oyen, Ada County Highway District
A brief history was given about the 36th Street/Catalpa/Hill Road intersection project. ACHD ranks the intersection as a low priority, but Boise City considers it a high priority. The neighborhood feels that a proposed two-light intersection design is not a context-sensitive design due to function and safety issues. The projected number of cars in the intersection is 1,800 per hour. The capacity of a one-lane modern roundabout is 2,500 to 2,800 vehicles per hour.

While the intersection does rely on driver courtesy, Wisconsin had no vehicle-pedestrian accidents since tracking began; however, education will be needed. Slides were shown indicating the number of conflict points between vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles will be reduced with the modern roundabout design.

Additional benefits to the neighborhood would be lower pollution from cars idling while waiting at the current intersection and a reduction in noise. During current joint meetings with ACHD, Boise City, and other neighborhood representatives when asked if it is a design or time issue, Fonny said the problem with the intersection is definitely a design issue.

Motion/second/passed (Ed Keener/Mark Hayes/yes-68, no-0, abstain-1): CNA will endorse the roundabout design concept for the 36th Street/Catalpa/Hill Road intersection.

Terteling Property
CNA supported the concept of a comprehensive plan amendment change to allow mixed residential and commercial uses on the Terteling property on the corner of N 36th Street and Catalpa. There are two garden center buildings, office space, and residences planned for the 6.4 acres. Planning and Development suggested that they request C1D with developmental agreement zoning instead of separate zoning for the different sections of the property at the May 9 hearing.

Motion/second/passed (Chuck Smith/Ed Keener/yes-50, no-0, abstain-0): CNA will support mixed use zoning (residential and commercial zoning for different sections of the property), and not commercial-only zoning for the whole property.

Next CNA meeting is Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00pm.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

Meeting Minutes
March 30, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (3).

The meeting began at 7:03pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

Vice President Joan Wallace introduced tonight’s guest speakers about property taxes: Lynda Fischer, Ada County Treasurer, and Bob McQuade, Ada County Assessor.

Bob McQuade, Ada County Assessor
The Ada County Commissioners oversee the Assessor’s Office which has three divisions: motor vehicles, land records, and appraisal. An eight-minute video entitled “Know Your Property Tax System” was shown.

The homeowner’s exemption is 50% of the improvement value up to $50,000. You only have to apply once before April 1.

The circuit breaker exemption is based on income ($22,000 maximum) and must be applied for each year by April 15. Other qualifications are that the homeowner is 65 or older or disabled (according to Social Security) or a veteran.

The hardship exemption is intended to be a one-time break in cases of things like large medical bills being incurred.

Assessment notices are mailed in May of each year. The first process to appeal would be to bring sales notices of similar properties for the Assessor’s Office to review. The Board of Equalization is the second appeal process.

Lynda Fischer, Ada County Treasurer
Lynda reviewed the calendar that is the same for every county in Idaho. She went through an example of levy calculation and reviewed sample bills from Collister, North End, and Quail Ridge neighborhoods. She also included examples of bill from other counties, and would like input about how to make the bills more readable.

Neighborhood Business
Volunteers are needed to help plan the summer party. Laurie Anderson will head up this effort. A signup list will be circulating during this meeting.

Regarding the Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, the Holly Hills bridge project is underway, and warmer weather is now needed to pour the asphalt. Laurie will be helping with the beautification plan for Collister Elementary. John Bertram’s services are being contracted for the neighborhood plan. Kathe Alters will update Fonny next week about the bus shelter from the previous year’s project funding.

The April meeting may not be the last Wednesday of the month due to the timing of meetings with Boise City and ACHD about the 36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa intersection. Agenda items besides the intersection are the Briar Hills trailhead, Terteling project (corner of N 36th Street and Catalpa), and a city code enforcement officer (which may be moved to May).

A plan was submitted to Boise City yesterday for the Terteling project Differences from the plan originally brought before CNA include a decrease of residential units to 26, reduced commercial space to include two buildings for a garden center, and decreased building heights. The new plan has two entrances onto Catalpa.

There are work sessions planned in April with Boise City and ACHD about the 36th Street/Hill Road/Catalpa intersection. Fonny has received many calls and e-mails related to the articles in The Idaho Statesman about this topic.

State Senator David Langhorst will not be able to be here this evening, but wanted to let neighbors know that he is planning a town meeting for Tuesday, April 26 for an end-of-session report.

Jana Kemp, State Representative, District 16
She would really like input and feedback on topics in the legislature. She will leave business cards at the back of the room.

Margaret Henbest, State Representative, District 16
Representative Henbest suggested contacting Representative Delores Crow regarding current property tax issues. Bills will go to an interim committee. Some examples of current suggestions related to the homeowner exemption are to change the amount, apply the amount to land also, and give a break to seniors. Rep. Henbest has a bill that would freeze property tax valuation so that adjustments are only for inflation up to 3% and re-evaluation would be done at the time of sale of the property.

Next CNA meeting is unknown at this time.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02pm.

Meeting Minutes
February 23, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (2).

The meeting began at 7:06pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

A committee will be forming soon to help plan the neighborhood party.

We have received applications for both volunteers and candidates for Paint the Town on Saturday, June 11. Contact Secretary Leslie Felton-Jue at 342-1864 or leslie@psalm121.org if you need either of these applications.

Idaho Earth Fest will be held Saturday, April 23 at the MK Nature Center, 600 S Walnut in Boise. For information about service projects, volunteering, event sponsorship, and festival informational booths, projects, and workshops contact Ester Ceja at 344-9161.

The next CNA meeting March 30 will be an educational meeting about property taxes.

Update regarding the Boise City Neighborhood Reinvestment Program: The Holly Hills footbridge project received $9,000 and completion is expected at the end of March. The neighborhood plan received funding and John Bertram is the new consultant. The Collister Elementary School beautification project received $7,000 to begin planning.

Dr. Christine Olson, Collister Elementary
Small schools are good, but it would be nice to have Collister slightly larger for class choices. Collister has two highly gifted classes and one special education class plus a recreation program at noon.

Volunteers are needed for reading and math. One challenge has been thirteen staff changes this year including retirement for four teachers and two ancillary staff. Right now there are not enough classrooms so students must be bussed to other schools for closed grades.

Chris Taylor, Pierce Park Elementary
This is his first year as principal of the 250 kids at Pierce Park Elementary. The school has writing and art clubs after school and a puppeteer group. They are seeking a grant for a garden program. They have a carnival planned for April 1. The school has a family focus. There are people involved in helping raise funds through events such as the carnival. Over the last five years $47,000 has been raised for a computer lab and other projects.

The biggest need is a sidewalk in front of the school.

Marlis Erickson, Hillside Junior High
This is her first year as principal of the 451 students. The vision for the school is providing a first-class education. Next year they will have a highly gifted pilot program. They have an intermediate guitar class and two computer labs. The focus is on having a caring environment for students. Scores from ISATs demonstrate the quality of teachers at the school. End-of-course tests drive programs. This summer many of the doors will be replaced.

Dan Hollar, Boise School District Public Information Officer
The facility master planning process was reviewed. There is a steering committee and the public was invited to planning meetings. Growth in the area has dropped. 60 percent of buildings in the district were built prior to 1959. There is only three million available each year for improvements for 50 buildings. Lost state revenue and a change in the tax revenue assessment for Micron resulted in a $7.5 shortage.

One result of the public meetings was that four schools slated to be closed will not be closed. Representatives from those four schools will meet to discuss efficiencies. Currently there are 140 portable classrooms in use by the district. A bond issues may be possible in 2006.

A public information meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 28.

Laurie Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator, Collister Elementary
Reading Buddy program needs volunteers. Background checks are required at no cost to the volunteers.

Margaret Henbest, State Representative, District 16
Representative Henbest is serving on both JFAC and the Health and Welfare committees. Medicaid and corrections budgets have both increased by 8 to 12 percent. The sales tax is due to go off June 30 that will create a significant loss. A fiscal caucus has been formed that is trying to limit government growth. The Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA), Nez Perce agreement, is addressing the water crisis. Residents need to call legislators and weigh in about their priorities. Last year she voted against the Qwest bill, and still has some concerns about consumer prices related to this bill.

David Langhorst, State Senator, District 16
Senator Langhorst does not support Public Infrastructure Improvement Districts because they could make sprawl easier. His air quality bill passed the Senate 33-1. He appreciated comments about the bicycle legislation. He discussed Capitol restoration, a bill that would tear down and rebuild the courthouse, and how public input changed the outcome. The Resources Committee needed a legislative stamp of approval for the SRBA Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, and the process drew attention to the point that even though there may be regional issues, legislators need help from each other to resolve them.

The Transportation Committee is reviewing a speed limit issue for state highways that could increase the speed from 65 to 75, and could make the limit the same for trucks and cars (safety issue). There is a difference between interstate and two-lane highways such as 75, 20, and 93. He voted against an ethanol bill because it could hurt air quality.

Are GARVEY bills a good idea to fund highways? What should be the priority for projects? He needs to hear from people in District 16 via letter or e-mail.

Next CNA meeting is 7:00pm Wednesday, March 30.

The meeting adjourned at 9:02pm.

Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2005

Meeting was held at United Collister Methodist Church, 4444 Taft, Boise.

Present: See sign-in sheets (2).

The meeting began at 7:03pm.

Welcome and Announcements
CNA President Fonny Davidson welcomed meeting participants.

The Terteling project update: a new firm from Seattle is the architectural firm now. The original scale of the project has decreased. The plan now is for aboveground parking instead of underground parking.

We do not have any updated information about the Boise Neighborhood Reinvestment grant proposals yet.

Denise Ashodi is the new neighborhood contact for The Idaho Statesman.

Laurie Anderson spoke from Collister Elementary School about the Partners in Education program and the Parent/Community Advisory Council. Volunteers are needed in the school. Updated information about the facilities meetings can be found on the Boise Schools web site at www.boiseschools.org .

Susan Clark, Idaho Humane Society
Susan is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Animal Control Division. Her phone number is 342-3508 ext 273. Her e-mail address is sclark@rmci.net .

They receive 75 to 150 calls per day regarding dogs at large, cruelty and neglect, animal bites or attacks, and barking (nuisance). Other groups taking calls are police dispatch for after-hours calls related to serious injury to an animal or human, Fish and Game, and Animals in Distress (non-domesticated animals).

Officer Elections
Length of service by officers is one year. Current officers are Fonny Davidson, President, Joan Wallace, Vice President, Leslie Felton-Jue, Secretary, and Julie Klocke, Treasurer.

Motion made to re-elect the current slate of officers. (Ross Corthell/Sharon Henderson/Passed)

David Langhorst, State Senator, District 16
Senator Langhorst gave updates about his current involvement in the state legislature. His committee assignments include Transportation, Local Government and Taxation, and Resources and Environment. He is continuing work on clean air with citizens and businesses from Ada and Canyon counties.

He supports an initiative to bring back Community Resource Worker programs that put social workers in schools to help find resources for families. He is reviewing a bicycle law that involves a title change to the code. Senator Langhorst needs input regarding the transportation bill.

He also took questions and input from participants regarding the homeowner’s exemption and property tax relief, the Governor’s decision to support a highway through Indian Valley, Garvey (Grant Anticipation Revenue bond) funds for transportation, and the removal of $0.01 from the sales tax. Senator Langhorst said the local option tax would probably not be introduced this session because it is considered impassable. Regarding the clean air issue, the federal government probably wouldn’t withhold funding based on non-attainment, but could.

Briar Hills and Polecat Gulch Trailhead
Fonny thanked Collister Neighborhood residents Mark Anderson, Nola DeKeyrel, Mark Hayes, Steve Steubner, and Parks and Recreation’s Paul Woods for their time spent on this issue.

Mark Hayes from the Briar Hills Homeowners Association gave an update from their board meeting one week ago Monday and actions since.

Motion made that CNA table further action until after April. (Mark Hayes/Chuck Smith/Failed)

Motion made that CNA will wait for Briar Hills HOA to meet with Parks and Recreation and its own association to decide on a proposal to bring back in April for a vote before taking action related to the issue. (Kelly Richmond/James Smith/Passed)

Motion made to override motion from November meeting about tabling action until the neighborhood receives additional information and traffic counts before making a decision. (Ross Corthell/Mark Hayes/Passed)

Next CNA meeting is 7:00pm Wednesday, February 23.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.

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